Mr. Fulcher’s sculptural installations include multiples of household objects, such as books, water glasses, bottles, mason jars, and furniture. He challenges what he perceives as a desensitized culture of statistics and numbers, where world issues represented by an overuse of statistics can be counter-productive in their effect on society. Instead, Mr. Fulcher responds to world issues with concrete objects, with purposeful arrangement and exploitation of similarities to create and explore a new sense of meaning.

Mr. Fulcher has a M.F.A. in Glass/Light and a B.F.A. in Sculpture/Media Arts from The Ohio State University. He has received an Ohio Arts Council Fellowship, a Glass Arts Society award, and an Edith Fergus Gilmore Materials grant award. He has shown extensively in the Midwest, and at Aichi Gallery in Aichi, Japan. Mr. Fulcher lectures frequently at The Ohio State University, and is the former director of Acme Art Company in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr Fulcher is currently living in Downtown Dallas, Texas.